Math Spacing and Length Units


Math spacing:

\quad width of M
\! -3/18 quad
\, 3/18 quad
\: 4/18 quad
\; 5/18 quad
\ 6/18 quad
\qquad 2 quad

Lengths defined relative to characters:

em width of M
ex width of x
mu 1 mu = 1/18 em

Physical lengths (commonly used):

mm millimeter
cm centimeter
in inch 1 in = 25.4 mm
pt point 1 pt = 1/72.27 in

Physical lengths (not so commonly used):

bp big point 1 bp = 1/72 in
pc pica 1 pc = 12 pt
sp scaled point 1 sp = 1/65536 pt
dd didot point 1 dd = 1238/1157 pt
cc cicero 1 cc = 12 dd

1 Response to “Math Spacing and Length Units”

  1. 1 domj July 11, 2013 at 4:21 am

    em and \quad are the same, but they are only approximately the width of M. They are rather defined to be the size of the font, that is 1 em in a 12pt font is exactly 12pt wide.

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